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​Cellulite is frustrating and embarrassing for most women.  At Secret Body you don't have to feel embarrassed of your cellulite. We want to help you get rid of it.  Our staff are all passionate about body contouring and cellulite treatments Las Vegas.

Velashape Cellulite Treatments

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Velashape the contender with proven results in the fight against cellulite

Do you have unwanted Cellulite or is it Fat?

Unwanted fat you want to get rid of?

Learn more about the fat freezing Las Vegas procedure called Coolsculpting Las Vegas.

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Velashape is an FDA Cleared Cellulite treatment Las Vegas for reduction of Cellulite.

We believe that the Velashape works better for Cellulite Reduction than for Body Contouring. If you have cellulite Las Vegas Velashape is the treatment for you. If you are looking for Body Contouring we recommend Vasershape and/or Accent Body Contouring.


Imagine your cellulite is a peanut M&M getting bigger until it pushes up against your skin and creates the orange peel look.  I wish there was a magic lotion, but there isn't. You must break the cellulite up with a sub-dermal massage and then the radio frequency basically heats it up to a precise temperature to flush it out through your lymphatic system. For optimal results for Cellulite Reduction 8-12 treatments once a week are recommended.

At Secret Body you don't have to feel embarrassed of your cellulite. We want to help you get rid of it.  Our staff are all passionate about body contouring and cellulite treatments Las Vegas.  We only carry Cellulite treatments in Las Vegas that we believe in and that show impressive results.  Secret Body's staff have all been doing lasers for many years some of us decades.  We have mastered certain techniques to give you better results.   We will sometimes combine two or three different Cellulite treatments along with Velashape to attack the cellulite from different technologies.  This is of course free of charge. We believe if you are coming in to get rid of your cellulite, we need to deliver.

What sets us apart is we do not have 1 laser we have multiple different laser treatments for cellulite treatment. It is not one size fits all when it comes to cellulite reduction. Every client is unique.  Our promise to you is we will work hard with you to reduce your cellulite.

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It is Unfortunate that the studies show 90% of us woman have cellulite. Why do we get the ugly cottage cheese look on the back of our legs? Why does our cellulite look worse when we lose weight? Most women who suffer from cellulite have pretty much given up and decided they will have to live with cellulite.  We have all tried the lotions, potions, and gimmicks that do not seem to work, now Secret Body Medical Spa in Las Vegas can help you with the secret to a cellulite free body. VelaShape Cellulite Treatment Las Vegas was the first treatment FDA cleared for Cellulite Reduction and we have tried a lot of different laser options and have to say we feel it is still number one for cellulite reduction.

Why Velashape Cellulite Treatment Las Vegas for Cellulite Reduction?

Velashape is instant gratification, you see a difference after each treatment. This is super motivating beings most of us have tried everything to get rid of our cellulite with zero results. 30 Minute Treatments Once a Week, Clinical Studies with Impressive results.  VelaShape combines Radio Frequency with sub-dermal massage. We believe cellulite is impossible to break up without a sub-dermal massage.

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